Team Members

Team members: You need to build your team.
Here are a few to get you started.

Cash buyers:
When I first started it seemed like cash buyers  did not exist. turns out they really do.
here are some I recommend.

Laurel Sagen, Minerva Properties, Inc. Phone: (916) 583-0890

Robert Shelton, Total Real Estate Solutions Inc. Phone (916) 749-4169

David Granzella, NorCalREIA,  Phone: (916)-791-8322

Amber Yturralde, Phone: (916)-799-8728



Merton Construction, Phone: (916) 365-1451




Amber Yturralde, Keller Williams Realty, Phone: (916)-799-8728

Kathy Shelton, Acerro Real Estate Services, Inc, Cell: (916) 214-5799

Money lenders:

Socotra Capital Phone: (855) 889-7626