Resources for Real Estate Investors

If you are in Real Estate you are in sales, if you are in sales you need to know Eric Lofholm.Eric Lofholm is an awesome sales trainer. He has written many excellent books on the subject and has some really great on line training as well. And he is local; you can meet him in person at many of his events.One of the things I love about Eric is he has Free training events, and one is coming up.

If you love golden nuggets you will want to hear what Eric has to say.

To register go to:


You can find a lot of good free information on YouTube. This is one guy I have gotten some good info from.

Another great resource is RehabValuator. There is a paid version of this but you don’t need it the free version is great. You can use it to figure out what your max offer on a property should be. It is also has great tool for making professional looking flyers when you want to show off your your deal.

If you are looking for a great Realtor who understands investors. I have worked with Amber Yturralde and can recommend her whole heartedly

She understands investors, because she is one herself.
Phone: 916-799-8728
Office: 916-788-8800
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